Allow me to outline what is meant by “coaching”.

Coaching is a form of learning where we will work to generate new thinking, create learning, self-development, and promote focused action in ways that benefit you, it’s about generating shifts, moving forward and creating change.

Coaching is delivered initially as a conversation, or a series of conversations between us, to identify your intentions. Our coaching conversation will have an integral structure, carefully architected by myself, as your coach, to benefit you and your thinking, learning and action. Our coaching conversations will feel different from other conversations.

Ross Hyslop Coaching

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them”

Albert Einstein

I am a Leadership and Performance Coach skilled in assisting you to embrace those pivotal moments, each of us faces especially when faced with change. My style, and approach has been developed over 2 decades and draws from a deep pool of experience when working with clients. In 2010 I began working with Neuro-feedback and EEG, forming my coaching approach which is rooted in neuroscience.

So let’s imagine right now you’re thinking about coaching, and you want to know more. Using the latest insights into how the brain and nervous system work we are able to complement and amplify the principles and practises of coaching to create more powerful, positive and transformational changes for you. As your coach, I will be using my knowledge to assist you in every step, developing a friendly coaching environment that will: focus on your thinking; help you break out of autopilot; encourage new thinking and insights; leverage your brain’s preference for hardwiring, and embed new learning and behaviour. In order to effect positive change, we must first improve our thinking.

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them” Albert Einstein

Coaching is “self-directed” focused solely on your agenda, and setting out what’s already there. It will provide the structure and process to assist you on your best thinking and deepest insights, and create an environment for you to re-connect with your highest form of thinking.

As a result you will break out of the deeply hardwired autopilot, our old scripts and schemas that our brains favour and move into more conscious thought with deliberate action, embedding new and positive habits to achieve long-lasting change.


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